Vortex is an Invite-only Annual Mastermind For Creators, Coaches and Consultants

Who are looking to add an additional $20,000/m “profits” to their business and grow a killer brand

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Outcomes we focus on:

  • Helping high-ticket business owners scale
  • Using our proven 1-hour per week content creation framework
  • Building an email list that injects cash every month into your business
  • Showing up on social media with confidence
  • Building a brand that stands out in 2024

  • Where everyone collaborates on 3 things: profits, results and running a chill business

  • By building 1-2 products, hiring 2-3 team members, and living an intentional life following your passion
  • By avoiding hustle culture, burnout, operational headaches, toxic or low-ticket clients

Personal Accountability to help you execute:

  • 2-day Mastermind Events 4 times a year hosted by Roota Mittal in
    March, June, September and December
  • 2x 2 hour weekly coaching calls hosted by Roota Mittal 
  • Collaborating and Networking with a community of 40 founders who are the best in their niche
Book Your 1:1 Enrollment Call

Million-dollar training material. Here’s how it works:

  • Week 1 - business model + math, quantum offer and client clarity
  • Week 2 - client attraction, pre-selling and high-ticket sales
  • Week 3 - organic lead-generation and personal branding
  • Week 4 - building your high-end program
  • Week 5 - virtual events that convert lead > high-end client within 3 days 
  • Week 6 - building a “call” funnel to nurture and close high-end deals with ease
  • Week 7 - setting up processes, automation and team to manage the above without ceo burnout

Client results that spark inspiration

  • Tejal Chopra runs a $300,000+ business and a personal brand of 75,000 Instagram followers and 24,000 Linkedin Followers

  • Deepina Singh runs a $150,000+ business despite just having 2000 followers. And closed 15 members into her high-end mastermind at $1250 per unit.

  • Meenakshi Rajput runs a $100,000+ business despite having just 1000 followers. And closed 8 members into her coaching program at $700 per unit.

  • Chhavi and Kapil had their first $8,000 month offering 1:1 marketing services and launching their high-end mastermind at $1500/unit.

  • I have a folder full of hundreds and hundreds of screenshots with wins from our clients over the years but I won’t bore you with them for now! ;)

How to apply for the Vortex Mastermind:

  • Book your 1:1 call below to get started with the enrollment process
  • We only open limited spots once every few months so take action now if you’re serious
  • We only work with high-quality businesses so make sure to fill out the application properly so your application is approved on priority

Meet your mentor, Roota

Roota Mittal is the founder of the LearnWithRoota.com education brand. She is known for her no BS approach to scaling businesses with a *mindset first* approach.

Roota Mittal was interviewed by Forbes International and was awarded the Clickfunnels 2 comma club for building a million-dollar brand from scratch.

Roota's company has sold over $1.5M worth of courses, coaching, and consulting and helped 3150+ clients across 14 countries! Her biggest pride is her customers who’ve done $16M in sales by implementing her frameworks. Her teachings and work inspire 350,000+ people to own their freedom, quit jobs, embrace their entrepreneurial spirit and become their own boss.

She went from working as a software engineer at a startup to being a high-end freelancer while travelling the world to running her

7-figure online education company today with a lean + mean team! She's currently writing a book and travelling every chance she gets while running her company!

Vortex is everything you need and more, inside ONE container

Remember ALL the $$ you’ve spent on coaches, courses, training, and everything in between, so far…

You don’t have to do that anymore!

Because Vortex will take you off the market!

It will give you EVERYTHING you need to build your 6-figure and 7-figure brands!

And NO this isn’t another shiny object that will work today and be obsolete next week.

It is a 12-month mastermind that will truly take you and your business to the next level!

So if you’re serious about doing this and genuinely want 2024 to be your year…

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