4 Simple Steps To Turn Your Expertise Into A
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New age business model for leveraging your story and skillset to have
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The traditional education system has failed millions...

AI is growing by leaps and bounds everyday...

Social Media Algorithms are changing daily...

Advertising costs are exploding annually...

Let me show you the simple 4-step system that has empowered thousands of our clients to earn their space in the growing online coaching industry

Do it the right way, avoid the crowded market by leaning into your superpowers and your story.

Create, pre-sell and scale your high-end coaching program and turn it into a profitable 7-figure business.

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About Roota

Roota Mittal has helped 3400+ digital entrepreneurs across 14 countries generate over $16M in sales (and counting)!

She has been featured in Forbes International and is India’s first ever woman-owned business to win the Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club award for building a million-dollar brand from scratch!

She went from working as a software engineer at a startup to being a high-end freelancer while travelling the world to running her own 7-figure business with a lean but mighty team - all in her 20s!

Her teachings and work inspire more than 350,000+ people to own their freedom and embrace their entrepreneurial spirit!

Her clients are running 6-figure and 7-figure businesses and she has mentored a lot of personal brands that you know and love today! Are you next?

Our strategies not just work but win everyday...

“Working with Roota is an absolute no-brainer! I had $50,000 USD in revenue this month alone.

This was all because of Roota, her strategies, her team and her ads strategies. She also strategically grew my Instagram followers and helped me build an audience that truly aligns with my brand’s goal!

If you are serious about changing your social media into a money making machine, then I highly recommend Roota.”


Business Coach

“I have been working with high-end consulting clients who have absolutely loved working with me.

Roota inspired me to raise my prices, and I have raised by program prices by 5x. We do get daily leads and daily sales for our products and launches. I have been able to grow a community of 120,000 people across my Instagram, LinkedIn and Email List.

Roota has given me the clarity and support I needed.”


Freelancing Coach and Instagram Strategist

“Because of Roota, I have been able to launch my coaching program and charge premium prices. I sold 8 spots for it using the "pre-sell" strategies that Roota shared.

I also have been able to increase my 1:1 prices and charge $5100 for my ads services!

I recently hit $100,000 in revenue in my business and it was all possible, because of Roota's guidance. I highly recommend Roota for agency owners and coaches who wish to scale."


Ads Consultant and Coach

"Roota has helped me achieve a lot. The numbers speak for itself. Over $15,000 USD in course sales, which was my first course ever.

Over 600 new people added to my email list and over 4000 targeted and engaged Instagram followers. If you are thinking about working with her, Dive in, LITERALLY! She is amazing."


Founder of Geekpack Community

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